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Purple Zoot Suit
You can't lurk in dark corners without dressing the part! Check out our cool purple zuit soot. Looks great while revealing your Master Plan, attending a social ball with your hostages, or any other casual evening-wear.
$ 320.00
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Evil Sunglasses
What makes our sunglasses evil, you ask? Why, it's you! OK, well... we have to be honest. The poison darts lined in the temples and hidden video camera in the bridge make these bad boys even badder. Stalk girls at the beach on your days off with them!
$ 80.00
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Stomping Boots
Stomping boots! Do you ever wish your regular footwear would hold up when you're leaping from rooftop to rooftop? Ever try to kick through a concrete wall in sneakers? No? You know why? You weren't wearing these wonderful boots! Sturdy enough to withstand most bullets, these boots can be fitted with custom soles so that you can leave your calling card behind in style! Comes in black only. WARNING! These boots are for stomping only!
$ 120.00
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Bag of Bane
Caddy around all your gear with our new Bag of Bane! Perfect for your flippers, stolen CIA laptop, or lunch. Lead lined secret pockets let you conceal anything up to 4"x8"x12". Order this season and get a free blow gun with shoulder strap!
$ 65.00
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Neuro Watches
Neuro Watches are in! Who says people should keep their thoughts to themself? Just turn this little sidekick on and watch your hostages confess all their secrets! Works great on guards and businessmen!
$ 2700.00
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