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Max Smasher's Whackin' Mace
Smash stuff with this giant mace! Great for hitting stuff, swinging around your head like a madman, and throwing at cars. Made of a durable cast iron with a comfortable leather grip to keep your fingers warm and cozy while you rampage.
$ 800.00
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Destroyer Claymore
This little gem is a slayer's dream. Check out all the things we've managed to cut with it:


$ 650.00
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Maniacal Super Wet/Dry Vac
Blow your enemies away with this heavy duty wet dry vac! Perfect for offending the smaller enemy (also effective against Confettimen and their paper minions) Don't leave home without it!
$ 130.00
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Warriors Chisel
Chip away the things that bother you- with our Warriors Chisels, you'll never have to worry again. Made from the finest metals and wood, this chisel should last you well into the next year. Works great on sidewalks!
$ 9.00
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Vaporizing Plasa Rifle Kit
Try not to show off too much when your fellow comrades see you for the first time with it! This kit allows you to integrate a plasma rifle assembly into just about anything! One fellow from down south actually implanted one in each arm! It took over 9 hours to take him down!
$ 300.00
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Wizard Wizard
If you haven't tried Einstein's Brain in a Jar, then your next best option would have to be our Wizard Wizard. What makes this Wizard so wizard? Each Wizard Wizard comes with 55,000 teravolts of bicarbonated electrodilactic fetrotetraline, which as any good SuperWeapons.com shopper knows, radiates into triglyseraconol pherynelothric acid, or more commonly, Wizard Lighting! But SuperWeapons.com adds a secret ingredient to "kick it up a notch"... what could that ingredient be? Ask our Wizard Wizard! (Always aim wizards away from face)
$ 80,000.00
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