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Palm of Fortune
Take your average Palm Pilot and give it a sinister bomb screen saver, and what do you get? Why, it's our Palm Pilot Palm of Fortune series. Great for planning your next heist, storing encrypted algorithms, and the contact info for all your double agents. And for crying out loud, don't leave your Master Plans laying around on a big red disk!
$ 450.00
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Hacker Kid
If you're going to be plotting against governments and large companies, you're going to need a way to harvest data for you. What better way to do this than your very own hacker? Comes complete with button up shirt, Skittles, and warez CDs. (not to be shipped overseas)
$ 400.00
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Hacker Kid Survival Pack
This package will keep your hacker in peak condition. Everything you need to keep your hacker plump, shiny, and hyper.
$ 2.99
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Jar of Angst
Ah, youth. All those emotions. Among them, angst always stuck out. How quickly it fades away. Bring back a bit of that nostalgic flair with a jar of angst. Freshly squeezed from the cerebral cortex of a 15 year old A/V club at the metro high school and delivered straight to your door. Like all medications, please consult your doctor before ingesting the essence of angst.
$ 20.00
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Flying Carpet (of Carnage)
How could we charge a shipping price on a product that ships itself? The sleek new 1988 design on this luxurious flying carpet (of carnage) is sure to raise eyes as you coast down your city's central artery. Remember players, the Mayor's daughter isn't fit to be kidknapped by just any flying carpet owner. She deserves a certain elegance all her own... delicately woven into the evil strands of morbid flying twine, this Arabian blend is sure to please even the most allergic of villians. And for the ricers- now with Scotch Guard!
$ 350.00
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Einstein's Brain in a Jar
Cryogenically sealed throughout delivery, Einstein's Brain in a Jar is an interesting catalyst to any Master Plan. At SuperWeapons.com, we listen to our customer's needs! Each Einstein's Brain in a Jar is now carefully probed to remove trace elements of morality. At SuperWeapons.com, our Einstein's Brain in a Jar has 40% less morality than the other leading brand!
$ 70,000.00
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Red Disks
Admit it. Wipe that saliva off your chin. We saw you. Red Disks. We can see the goose bumps on your arms. What? You want us to say it again? Ok, but only cause you're such a valued customer. Red Disks. Ooh, now we have goose bumps too. Hurry and order before we... fill them. Don't forget, order more than one to drag out your inevitable failure!
$ 10.49
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